AF Photographer & COVID19

Well, things are getting serious here, with the rapid spread of COVID19. There have been a lot of changes in our area just this week, with cancellations or postponement of most extracurricular activities we’re involved in, large gatherings and school functions. And I’m sure there will be more changes soon to come. But for now, what does that mean for AF Photographer? What about all my wonderful clients who are booked in over the next couple of months? What am I doing to combat the spread of the virus and help ease fears? Let me take a few minutes to answer some of those questions for you.

Essentially what I am doing, during this uncertain and scary time, is actually not all that much. What? That doesn’t fill you with confidence?? Ok, so “not all that much” doesn’t mean that I’ve shut up shop, or am not busy at present. Actually, quite the opposite. A certain Birthday promotion last week means I’m busier now than I have been for a while. So until further changes come in to play, it’s business as usual here at AF Photographer. However, what I mean is, steps that I’ve put in place are not all that much different to what I would usually do, on a day-to-day basis anyway. Protecting my precious clients (particularly the susceptible newborn ones) has always been a paramount priority in my work here. Providing an environment free from harm and germs and nasties has been happening from day 1 at AF Photographer. Some of the key areas I focus on are studio cleanliness, personal health and hygiene, vaccinations, and client’s needs, but until now, I’ve not really shared many details about how those things are done, so while it’s cool to clean, I’ll take the opportunity to share some info with you.


Great Stuff!

Studio cleanliness – it’s so important to provide a relaxing, clean & tidy space for my clients during their sessions. But lots of sessions can be very messy. It seems the smaller the clients, the bigger the mess! Newborns and Cake Smash clients make the most cleaning. Studio floors are regularly vacuumed and mopped using Domestos. Vinyl floor drops are also cleaned in the same way. Other floor drops and rugs are vacuumed and sprayed with Glen 20. Blankets used during newborn sessions are machine washed with eucalyptus detergent and Dettol or Canesten laundry sanitiser/hygiene rinse (I love that stuff!) Any soiled items are soaked and bleached (if possible), before machine washing with regular detergent and hygiene rinse. The change table is wiped with antibacterial wipes and set with a clean cloth nappy layer, ready for each session. Other surfaces and props are sprayed with Glen 20 or cleaned with antibacterial wipes as appropriate.

My own health & hygiene – I hope my clients have always found me to be presented in a clean, tidy and professional manner. I regularly use hand sanitiser during studio sessions, particularly before handling babies. Sometimes I do get sick (it’s such a hassle, but I can’t help it), and unfortunately I also am susceptible to cold sores. Lots of people don’t realise, but the cold sore virus can be deadly for newborns! If I find Moppingmyself unwell leading up to a session, I am quick to be in touch with my clients. If they are happy to reschedule, then that’s great. I ensure my calendar is flexible enough to accommodate such changes if required. If rescheduling is not an option, I have arranged with a number of other photographers within reasonable distance, to be called upon to complete the session if I’m unable to.

Vaccination – I’m definitely pro this. My own vaccinations (especially whooping cough) are all up to date, to help protect my little clients.

Client’s needs – guess what? Sometimes my clients get sick too! As I said, my calendar is designed to accommodate for life’s inevitable illnesses. If any of my clients are unwell and need to reschedule a session, or even change location, if it helps, there are always options we can discuss. Session fees are transferable to future dates, and I do my best to provide a family friendly, flexible service.


Cleaning the studio

So if I’ve been doing these things all along, what’s changed now, and how can people feel at ease as my clients, during the current COVID19 pandemic? Well, firstly my studio is currently upside-down amidst a thorough autumn-time spring clean. I anticipate its completion tomorrow. This really won’t stop Coronavirus, but I figured it’s a good time to do a job that was due and now I will have a clean (studio) slate to work from 🙂 Hand sanitiser will be available as always, but I will be even more vigilant in my own use of it, and actively encouraging clients to do the same. I will also add the antibac wipes to client studio supplies, for their use at any time, should they feel the need. If any clients would prefer me to wear a surgical mask during their session, I am more than happy to do so. I will be contacting each client individually to discuss their concerns and feelings about this whole current climate.

safe distance

Maintaining safe social distancing


On a  positive note, providing we don’t all get confined to complete lock-down, outdoor portrait sessions seem like a wonderful, safe activity for people to participate in at this time. I had a beautiful session here yesterday evening (sneak peek coming tomorrow), with a slight breeze, golden light, amazing grass & clean, fresh air all round. I won’t be offering handshakes or high fives for a while, but my zoom and telephoto lenses ensure I can still conduct an outdoor session and keep a very safe social distance. Thank you to my son Ethan who captured some of our fun from last night!


Hand signals

Good hand signals are all you need to position clients









So, in short, AF Photographer is open and running at this stage. If you are booked in, expect to hear from me, but if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do let me know. We are all in this together and I’m happy to help in any way I can. Please all be vigilant and take care. Look after yourselves and others around you, and stay safe!

Baby Charlie – Newborn Portraits

It’s almost the end of month 2, 2019, and I’m finally getting around to my first blog post for the year! Meet sweet baby Charlie 😀 3 and a half kilos of cuteness, visiting my studio last week on Valentines day <3 Charlie has 3 older brothers, but he is the lucky first in the family to have newborn portraits taken. I think it’s always good when the youngest gets something special, just for them. It doesn’t always have to be exactly the same for each sibling (and lets face it, in reality – in my house at least – that really isn’t practical). Since Charlie’s older brother are all at school, he also got to have his newborn session all to himself, with just mum & dad. So hopefully these will be truly treasured memories in the years to come.

Jacob’s Sitter Session

Meet 2 year old Jacob. He was in my studio early in January this year, to celebrate his 1st birthday, with a Cake Smash session. And he was back again, just the other day, to celebrate his 2nd birthday, with a Sitting Memories collection! Now, Jacob is more of a runner than a sitter, but that’s OK. So the session involved a lot of fast-paced following with my camera, and a little bit of bribery, to get him to spend more than a few seconds in the same spot. I really feel like he showed me his true personality, during the short time he was there. Kind of like 4 seasons in one day, I was able to capture “many faces” of Jacob. 

I was so keen to get a shot of these adorable ‘Birthday Boy’ shorts (which he also wore during his previous Cake Smash), so I had to devise a cunning plan to draw his attention to the back wall for a few short moments. Turns out a simple, small piece of Blu Tac on the wall did the trick! He spied the Blu Tac, went to inspect, struck this amazing sassy pose, then shared with us his sheer joy when he actually removed the Blu Tac from the wall! Winning for sure, on all counts!!

Of course though, at his age, the session ran quite close to nap time. By the time of my final set-up, he wasn’t really keen to play anymore 🙁 But thankfully my trusty bottle of bubble mixture, proved to be a wonderful addition to finish off this fun-filled gallery.

Indoor Family Portraits

With so many outdoor sessions recently, at this glorious time of year, these indoor Family Portraits were a welcome change of pace. Whilst indoors, I typically do 2-3 set-ups, I just love the simplicity of the white here. This gallery is almost ready to go out to these lovely clients. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!!

Stunning Mum – Amelia, Maternity Portraits

Can you believe this is a mum of (almost) 3?!? Isn’t she gorgeous! I’m so pleased to have photographed Amelia recently, for her 3rd maternity session. I know she is feeling anxious about the results from the session, as little miss Esme here, was not exactly thrilled to be involved on the day 🙁 However, Amelia, I hope this sneak peek will put your mind at ease. We did capture some beautiful memories.

I love, love, love this capture, in particular. It shows that life is beautiful, even if kids are grumpy, even if they don’t always follow instructions (I had asked the girls to hold hands and walk towards me for this shot 😛 ). I feel it’s a reminder to always look beyond the situation and focus on the beauty of each moment. Plus I also love that you can play “spotto” for the goat and alpaca in the background!

If you are “expecting” a little bundle of joy next year, like Amelia, don’t forget to book your Newborn portrait session early! I’m now taking bookings into March and April 2019.  Contact me for all the details, or visit the web-site, for more info.

Fullerton Family

I have some more wonderful family portraits to share today! So many families have to come to visit me recently, at this beautiful time of year, to update their memories, as their little ones grow so fast. Unfortunately it wasn’t very “golden” weather for these guys. They braved the clouds and the blustery winds for their session the other day, but I think the results are just as magical, with plenty of lovable moments, captured forever 🙂 

I’m taking bookings for the new year now, with limited spots remaining for February. If you would like to capture your own memories, be sure to get in touch!

van Tol Family Portraits


Today I’m sharing a few more shots from this family portrait session! I mentioned on Facebook, I have had the privilege of photographing these gorgeous girls for the past 4 years. It’s so wonderful to see them grow into beautiful, young ladies. And it’s even more wonderful that their parents wanted to be part of the session this time around as well! As parents, we are never in the photos enough – me especially! Our kids will have so many photos of themselves, when they grow up, but not enough to remember us by. In 2019, be sure to make the time to exist in images! How long has it been since you had some family portraits taken? 12 months? 18? 2 years or more?? Don’t wait for “tomorrow”, or “when I loose weight”, or “when things settle down”. Capture the journey you are on right now! #liferightnow

Baby Flynn – Newborn Portraits

Here is baby Flynn. So tiny. His Aunty organised this session for him. Gift Vouchers are a great idea for this time of year 😉 They are available for any amount, to be used for any of my products & collections. But, back to little Flynn…what a cutie! We carried a theme of natural colours throughout his session, so all the images will work together, and can be displayed in many ways. He will certainly make a handsome album subject, or wall art display. If you are planning your own session, have a think about what colours you may like to include. I like to select one or 2 key colours to start with and try to work around those as much as possible.

I adore these cheeky, flashing smiles! He looks so content, all wrapped up there. I do wonder what babies are thinking when they make these adorable faces!

Sisters!! – AF Photographer

These sisters are so adorable! So lucky to have each other. Friends for life! There was so much love during this session. Big sister was so well behaved, and so keen to look after her new baby sister <3 <3 Keeping it short and sweet tonight! This gallery will be ready to go out early next week, so you won’t need to wait long to see more 🙂

Baby Sienna – Newborn Portraits

Meet little Sienna! She was the first girl I’ve had in the studio, after a string of 5 boys. It’s funny how it can come in waves of each gender. Sienna has a big sister. They are close in age and hopefully will be friends for life. I went with a mint-green kind of theme for this session. She was a sleepy little doll, with gorgeous dark hair. Just adorable!