Indoor Family Portraits

With so many outdoor sessions recently, at this glorious time of year, these indoor Family Portraits were a welcome change of pace. Whilst indoors, I typically do 2-3 set-ups, I just love the simplicity of the white here. This gallery is almost ready to go out to these lovely clients. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!!

Stunning Mum – Amelia, Maternity Portraits

Can you believe this is a mum of (almost) 3?!? Isn’t she gorgeous! I’m so pleased to have photographed Amelia recently, for her 3rd maternity session. I know she is feeling anxious about the results from the session, as little miss Esme here, was not exactly thrilled to be involved on the day 🙁 However, Amelia, I hope this sneak peek will put your mind at ease. We did capture some beautiful memories.

I love, love, love this capture, in particular. It shows that life is beautiful, even if kids are grumpy, even if they don’t always follow instructions (I had asked the girls to hold hands and walk towards me for this shot 😛 ). I feel it’s a reminder to always look beyond the situation and focus on the beauty of each moment. Plus I also love that you can play “spotto” for the goat and alpaca in the background!

If you are “expecting” a little bundle of joy next year, like Amelia, don’t forget to book your Newborn portrait session early! I’m now taking bookings into March and April 2019.  Contact me for all the details, or visit the web-site, for more info.

Fullerton Family

I have some more wonderful family portraits to share today! So many families have to come to visit me recently, at this beautiful time of year, to update their memories, as their little ones grow so fast. Unfortunately it wasn’t very “golden” weather for these guys. They braved the clouds and the blustery winds for their session the other day, but I think the results are just as magical, with plenty of lovable moments, captured forever 🙂 

I’m taking bookings for the new year now, with limited spots remaining for February. If you would like to capture your own memories, be sure to get in touch!

van Tol Family Portraits


Today I’m sharing a few more shots from this family portrait session! I mentioned on Facebook, I have had the privilege of photographing these gorgeous girls for the past 4 years. It’s so wonderful to see them grow into beautiful, young ladies. And it’s even more wonderful that their parents wanted to be part of the session this time around as well! As parents, we are never in the photos enough – me especially! Our kids will have so many photos of themselves, when they grow up, but not enough to remember us by. In 2019, be sure to make the time to exist in images! How long has it been since you had some family portraits taken? 12 months? 18? 2 years or more?? Don’t wait for “tomorrow”, or “when I loose weight”, or “when things settle down”. Capture the journey you are on right now! #liferightnow

Baby Flynn – Newborn Portraits

Here is baby Flynn. So tiny. His Aunty organised this session for him. Gift Vouchers are a great idea for this time of year 😉 They are available for any amount, to be used for any of my products & collections. But, back to little Flynn…what a cutie! We carried a theme of natural colours throughout his session, so all the images will work together, and can be displayed in many ways. He will certainly make a handsome album subject, or wall art display. If you are planning your own session, have a think about what colours you may like to include. I like to select one or 2 key colours to start with and try to work around those as much as possible.

I adore these cheeky, flashing smiles! He looks so content, all wrapped up there. I do wonder what babies are thinking when they make these adorable faces!

Sisters!! – AF Photographer

These sisters are so adorable! So lucky to have each other. Friends for life! There was so much love during this session. Big sister was so well behaved, and so keen to look after her new baby sister <3 <3 Keeping it short and sweet tonight! This gallery will be ready to go out early next week, so you won’t need to wait long to see more 🙂

Baby Sienna – Newborn Portraits

Meet little Sienna! She was the first girl I’ve had in the studio, after a string of 5 boys. It’s funny how it can come in waves of each gender. Sienna has a big sister. They are close in age and hopefully will be friends for life. I went with a mint-green kind of theme for this session. She was a sleepy little doll, with gorgeous dark hair. Just adorable!

Portraits in Golden Hour

When is the best time of day for outdoor portraits? Well, this will vary depending on the location, but generally speaking, early morning and late afternoon will give you the best lighting conditions. Us photographers always love “Golden Hour”, at these times of day. On my property, I always tell clients the best start time for their session is an hour and a half before sunset (I’m sure we’d get beautiful results around sunrise too, but I’m never awake to see that time of day!). This may sound like a scary time of day, for parents of young children, right around the “witching hour”, but if you can bribe them with whatever you’ve got (plus I always have a few tricks of my own, to keep kids happy at this late stage of the day), the results are well worth it!

However, there was no bribery needed with two gorgeous kiddies! They were very willing to do as instructed, during their session recently 😀 I’m so pleased that our property is finally greening up a bit, after the horrible drought over the past 12 months. I just keep praying the rain will continue, as we certainly have a hot summer ahead of us, to get through. But in the meantime, I have a number of sessions coming up, that will benefit from the green grass, and even the flowers that have survived.

Currently, the best outdoor session start time is 6pm. I have a limited number of weekday spots available still, before Christmas. You if you would like to update your family portraits, please let me know. I photograph on Monday and Thursday evenings, in Wilton, NSW. Come and experience Golden Hour! 0414 459 059


Baby Jethro – Newborn Portraits

This little guy was 4.39kg when he was born! Nice work mumma! His chubby cheeks were adorable. In case you’re wondering, his parents named him as NCIS fans, after a character in the show. Not to be confused with Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies 😉 There are strong genes here and I could see Jethro’s family resemblance as soon as he came through the door, reminding me exactly of his older brother. But with 3 older siblings, this family of 6 is sure to have some busy times ahead. Having only recently settled into a new home, I pray that next year brings less major change, and much more laughter, fun and love, for them as their little ones grow and change.

Bookings for next year are starting to fill up. If your own little (or big) bundle of joy is arriving early next year, let me know, and we can take care of booking your maternity or newborn portraits, before the Christmas “silly season” really kicks in! Send me a message with your due date, and I’ll be in touch 🙂

Boardman Family – AF Photographer

Family Portraits. It really is a privilege to spend time with my beautiful clients and take a glimpse into their lives. Catch a moment of their time. Capture a memory forever. All the smiles, laughs and love, as well as the tears, tantrums and reality (which I don’t always share here 😉 )

The recent rain has been a real blessing to our property here. The green grass is returning! There is water in the dam again. The flowers are even popping out to see spring (very surprising, as I didn’t think any of them had survived the drought!) It is proving to be a very beautiful time of year for portraits <3