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Toddler Twins – Outdoor Portraits

  More twins on the blog tonight!! Toddlers this time 🙂 With their big sister. This made for a high-energy, non-stop, fun-filled family portrait session. These kids were keen to explore, see the animals, find rabbits, giggle, smile and play. Here’s a little sneak peek of the memories we captured along the way.

Twin Girls – Amira & Hajra

These twins were unbelievably cute, and absolutely identical! I hope I didn’t mix them up! Mum was taking down notes of which one I wrapped what colour 🙂 But luckily they had also put some toenail polish on one of them, to tell them apart! Congratulations to this wonderful family. I hope you like this… Read more »

Newborn Cousins – AF Photographer

So, remember those baby cousins I posted on FB recently? Well, here they are! Adorable little Amelia and Harper. Born just 2 weeks apart. I hope they grow up as close friends, like their mums are. Having 2 babies certainly made for an interesting time in the studio. It was similar to twins, but not quite the… Read more »


  Here is a sneak peek of the twins I had in the studio recently! I learned so much during this session. Hats off to all parents of multiples out there! Working with 2 babies is certainly not the same as working with only 1. Especially for these guys, they already have 2 beautiful girls,… Read more »