Portraits in Golden Hour

When is the best time of day for outdoor portraits? Well, this will vary depending on the location, but generally speaking, early morning and late afternoon will give you the best lighting conditions. Us photographers always love “Golden Hour”, at these times of day. On my property, I always tell clients the best start time for their session is an hour and a half before sunset (I’m sure we’d get beautiful results around sunrise too, but I’m never awake to see that time of day!). This may sound like a scary time of day, for parents of young children, right around the “witching hour”, but if you can bribe them with whatever you’ve got (plus I always have a few tricks of my own, to keep kids happy at this late stage of the day), the results are well worth it!

However, there was no bribery needed with two gorgeous kiddies! They were very willing to do as instructed, during their session recently 😀 I’m so pleased that our property is finally greening up a bit, after the horrible drought over the past 12 months. I just keep praying the rain will continue, as we certainly have a hot summer ahead of us, to get through. But in the meantime, I have a number of sessions coming up, that will benefit from the green grass, and even the flowers that have survived.

Currently, the best outdoor session start time is 6pm. I have a limited number of weekday spots available still, before Christmas. You if you would like to update your family portraits, please let me know. I photograph on Monday and Thursday evenings, in Wilton, NSW. Come and experience Golden Hour! 0414 459 059  amanda@afphotographer.com.au