Jacob’s Sitter Session

Meet 2 year old Jacob. He was in my studio early in January this year, to celebrate his 1st birthday, with a Cake Smash session. And he was back again, just the other day, to celebrate his 2nd birthday, with a Sitting Memories collection! Now, Jacob is more of a runner than a sitter, but that’s OK. So the session involved a lot of fast-paced following with my camera, and a little bit of bribery, to get him to spend more than a few seconds in the same spot. I really feel like he showed me his true personality, during the short time he was there. Kind of like 4 seasons in one day, I was able to capture “many faces” of Jacob. 

I was so keen to get a shot of these adorable ‘Birthday Boy’ shorts (which he also wore during his previous Cake Smash), so I had to devise a cunning plan to draw his attention to the back wall for a few short moments. Turns out a simple, small piece of Blu Tac on the wall did the trick! He spied the Blu Tac, went to inspect, struck this amazing sassy pose, then shared with us his sheer joy when he actually removed the Blu Tac from the wall! Winning for sure, on all counts!!

Of course though, at his age, the session ran quite close to nap time. By the time of my final set-up, he wasn’t really keen to play anymore 🙁 But thankfully my trusty bottle of bubble mixture, proved to be a wonderful addition to finish off this fun-filled gallery.