Baby Jethro – Newborn Portraits

This little guy was 4.39kg when he was born! Nice work mumma! His chubby cheeks were adorable. In case you’re wondering, his parents named him as NCIS fans, after a character in the show. Not to be confused with Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies 😉 There are strong genes here and I could see Jethro’s family resemblance as soon as he came through the door, reminding me exactly of his older brother. But with 3 older siblings, this family of 6 is sure to have some busy times ahead. Having only recently settled into a new home, I pray that next year brings less major change, and much more laughter, fun and love, for them as their little ones grow and change.

Bookings for next year are starting to fill up. If your own little (or big) bundle of joy is arriving early next year, let me know, and we can take care of booking your maternity or newborn portraits, before the Christmas “silly season” really kicks in! Send me a message with your due date, and I’ll be in touch 🙂