Kye’s Cake Smash!

One more quick, little sneak peek here, of Mr Kye. Such a handsome boy! He was so proper and polite at the start. He was eagerly eyeing off his cake, making a few grabs at it, while were still setting up for the session. However, as soon as it came time to smash his cake, he was a little overwhelmed, and didn’t actually know what he should do. So, he did what most kids that age do, when they don’t know what else to do – he cried 🙁 blogboard-1

Big sobbing tears down a sad face! Can you believe it? After flashing that gorgeous smile at the beginning, and then playing happily with his train. After all that fuss and excitement, he decided he’d really just sob in mum’s arms. But, all was not lost. We had still achieved a wonderful, memorable session, capturing a moment in time 🙂 I hope his family enjoys the gallery when they see the end result!