Nathaniel Cake Smash!

Ahh, a good old Cake Smash!! These sessions are sooooo much fun. If your child is having a birthday soon (and I have photographed Cake Smashes for kids up to 4 years old), I highly recommend this as an excellent keepsake, to remember the occasion. A Cake Smash session includes a mounted collage of 8 images, which you can use to collect signatures and well wishes from guests at the party or celebration event.



This is little Nathaniel. His first birthday is coming up soon. This is also when he will have his first hair cut! He has grown such lovely, thick locks in the past 12 months 🙂

Nathaniel was somewhat of a shy baby, and took a little bit of time to warm to me. This is fine, as there is always plenty of time, during a session for me to get to know the child a little bit, and for them to play in the studio, and settle into the surroundings a little, rather than just being confronted with a huge camera straight in their face! Kids this age can go either way, so it’s important that I do my best to make them feel comfortable and not freak them out 😛BlogBoard-1Aunty Eden came along with Nathaniel’s mum, to watch the session. She knew some great tricks to help him crack a smile. Once the cake was in front of him, he tasted cautiously, and gave that look I see commonly, of “am I really allowed to eat this, and make a mess??” He took the hint and ploughed in to the cake with hands and feet, greatly enjoying the sweet tasting, white chocolate gnash. YUMMYYY!! I was lucky he was willing to share a small piece with me too 😀