Baby Jethro – Newborn Portraits

This little guy was 4.39kg when he was born! Nice work mumma! His chubby cheeks were adorable. In case you’re wondering, his parents named him as NCIS fans, after a character in the show. Not to be confused with Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are strong genes here and I could see Jethro’s family resemblance as soon as he came through the door, reminding me exactly of his older brother. But with 3 older siblings, this family of 6 is sure to have some busy times ahead. Having only recently settled into a new home, I pray that next year brings less major change, and much more laughter, fun and love, for them as their little ones grow and change.

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Boardman Family – AF Photographer

Family Portraits. It really is a privilege to spend time with my beautiful clients and take a glimpse into their lives. Catch a moment of their time. Capture a memory forever. All the smiles, laughs and love, as well as the tears, tantrums and reality (which I don’t always share here ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

The recent rain has been a real blessing to our property here. The green grass is returning! There is water in the dam again. The flowers are even popping out to see spring (very surprising, as I didn’t think any of them had survived the drought!) It is proving to be a very beautiful time of year for portraits <3


Lovely Little Lucy

Little Lucy is an adorable sitting baby, and came for her very own session to celebrate this fabulous milestone. Her golden personality was shining through, with cheeky smiles, wistful glances, and inquisitive handiwork, with anything she could wrap her fingers around.

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Mum Chantelle – Maternity

I have another maternity sneak peek to share today. Chantelle’s partner couldn’t be at the session, so we did some shots in the studio, as well as outdoors, to add a bit more variety to the gallery. I’m so glad to capture this special time, before bub arrives. If someone is not sure about having a maternity session, I always point out that there’s no guarantee you will ever be pregnant again. Take the opportunity to create the memories, while you have the chance! Plus, as mum’s we seem to be reluctant to ever have our photos taken at all. But hopefully one day, our portraits will become someone’s cherished memories of us, so it’s very important that we all exist in images. Chantelle, you look absolutely amazing! All the best for the arrival of your little one.


Growing Family

This little guy is so looking forward to being a big brother! He has the cheekiest smile, and personality to match. I had a wonderful time doing “exploding knuckles”, and capturing some memories for master Lucas, and his mum and dad, during their recent maternity session. We had a beautiful afternoon in the winter sun, and were making the most of the last few specks of remaining greenery on the property, to create these images, before life changes for this family, once again.

Family Portraits – Miss Everly

Well that’s a funny face, miss Everly!! I’ve never had that reaction to the “1-2-3-swing” before! Apart from this, you were absolutely adorable during your family portraits the other day.Do you remember Everly’s newborn session? So much has changed in just 1 year. She came back to visit me, ready to celebrate her first birthday this month. 1 balloon to represent 1 year of life! When she comes back in another year, with 2 balloons, we’ll be sure to tie them on extra tight, as this balloon is still in our tree now ๐Ÿ˜›Everly had so much fun, exploring all the country feels – grass, sticks, leaves – and country tastes – grass, sticks, leaves!! She has grown into such a beautiful girl, with a wonderful, inquisitive personality. I can’t wait to see you again next year ๐Ÿ˜€

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Baby Ryan – Newborn Portraits

This adorable baby here, is Ryan. He was in the studio recently for some newborn portraits. He waltzed on in, with a swathe of lush, thick hair and check out those lips!! He pouted this gorgeous duck face when his dummy was pulled out and it made for very cute pictures indeed. Isnโ€™t he just the sweetest? I think Iโ€™m in love with those lips! Watch out girls in a few years, Ryan is sure to be a heart-breaker.
Being a newborn is such a tough life. With a big yawn, a bit of a stretch, and a sneaky peek to see what was going on, Ryan was then straight back to sleep here. He obviously didn’t find my camera very interesting at all. Just beautiful <3
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Twins Christening – Mia & Savannah

Do you remember twins Mia & Savannah, from their recent Newborn session? Well I was also lucky enough to photograph their Christening! Same place, same time (of day) as the Christening of their older sister, Keira, just a year or so earlier. Such a delightful family!


This Christening happened to be the minister’s last service at Tahmoor Anglican church, as he has now moved on to another church. This was a beautiful service to finish up with. Very noisy (mainly thanks to the twins), but beautiful, none the less! In their usual style (to tell them apart), the twins wore elegant, matching pink and purple dresses. Mia in pink, and Savannah in purple – or is it the other way around?? Big sister Keira, wore a lovely floral number, to compliment both of them.


I especially like this sequence of images, with fabulous facial expressions from both Godmother and the minister. Just precious! Judging by the sound she made at this point, but was not so thrilled to be drizzled with water.


Between the twins newborn session and the Christening, this family went on a caravan trip to the Northern Territory for 4 weeks, with 3 kids under 3 years – the twins were literally only 4 weeks old!! Mum, Alison has even created a blog about their travels which you can check out here And after being home just 4 days (when they had the christening), they packed up again and went to Queensland to tag along for Dad, Cameronโ€™s, work!! My hats are off to you guys, that is a stellar effort, and I hope you are all having a great time in QLD.

All the best for the future to you lovely girls, and for your whole adventurous and wonderful family.

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Baby Leo – Newborn Portraits

Something a little different for this post – all black & white images. I’m loving the BW versions for this gallery of baby Leo. Such a sweetie! With little smiles, chubby cheeks and a beautiful family. His newborn portrait session was just adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

I love the details of all these teeny, tiny, baby features! I love taking macro shots in all of my newborn sessions. Leo’s eyelashes were absolutely stunning!

Head shots – Tammy


Recently I had a hugely enjoyable session, taking some head shots of the lovely Tammy Biton. Tammy runs her own small business as aย Transformational Coach & Therapist.ย She offers hypnotherapy, coaching, alternative and holistic health services. Check out her web-site (and her latest head shot)ย And keep your eye out for a few more of these images on her marketing in the near future ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you like them Tammy, the full gallery will be ready soon!


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