Baby Samuel – AF Photographer



Here is baby Samuel. He is so special. I feel so privileged to have been part of his first few weeks of life. I pulled out my rainbow floor drop, for this amazing little guy. He is so wanted, prayed for and loved. He won’t be able to meet his big brother in this life, but his face will always hold his memory. He was such a little doll, during his session. With plenty of cheeky faces, when he wasn’t feeling so sleepy. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!!


Macro GreenGrey


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Miss Maisy – Sitter Session

Here’s a little peek at the gorgeous miss Maisy, during her Sitter Session recently…Maisy


She tried on lots of new outfits for me, that I have added to my collection recently. She did a great job of smiling and staring with her big brown eyes.

Miss Maisy


Sitter Sessions are great for bubs who can sit up on their own. They take about 30mins, and include 3-4 set-ups. I have lots of little outfits, to dress up in, or feel free to bring your own! Sitter Sessions include a beautiful 6×6″ Mini Album, with all the images from the gallery. Mini Albums make wonderful Christmas gifts, so let me know if you’d like to book a spot before Christmas. Limited spaces are available.

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Beautiful Friends – Maternity Portraits


I had 2 lovely families visit me recently, to combine for a double Maternity Session. Their bubs are due a few weeks apart, and they are so thrilled to be sharing this special time in both their lives together. I’m looking forward to meeting their little ones soon, although, unfortunately they won’t be born close enough for a combined newborn session, like the little cousins I met last week.

We had stunning weather for the afternoon, with some shots inside the studio, before catching the best of the sun-lit afternoon, outside in the paddock. I always love that time of day. If I’m not doing a session, I always wish I had my camera in my hand, to capture the golden hour at the end of a long day.

These ladies brought plenty of props to style their session, with their own hand-made flower crowns. They topped off a vintage look, with pearls, white dresses and matching parasols.

Newborn Cousins – AF Photographer

So, remember those baby cousins I posted on FB recently? Well, here they are! Adorable little Amelia and Harper. Born just 2 weeks apart. I hope they grow up as close friends, like their mums are. Having 2 babies certainly made for an interesting time in the studio. It was similar to twins, but not quite the same. Twins will often be settled by the presence of their sibling, but these 2 were not used to having another little person snuggled up next to them. When they were wrapped, they were very content, nestled into each other, but they both came back a few days later to try and achieve a skin to skin pose. We made it in the end 🙂 I hope these will be a treasured keepsake for them in the future, and beautiful memories for their parents and families.




We made time for plenty of individual shots as well. Introducing little Harper…



And beautiful Amelia….


Baby Molly – AF Photographer

I had such fun with Baby Molly, in the studio recently. She was a little doll, with also a big personality. She stared so intently, when she was awake, with such a stern face. Watching very carefully, everything I was doing. But thankfully, she also had a good sleep for us as well 🙂 So curly and squishy! I love these shots on the mint blanket. She just seemed really comfortable. I love the simple and natural look and feel to them.

Mint Molly


Molly’s mum also brought props to play with! She brought all the horse gear – saddle bridle, hat, boots, the works! It’s not hard to guess that she grew up in the country, and Molly is so lucky to also be growing up on acreage, with plenty of ponies to learn to ride. So, you can see one set-up here, with Molly resting on top of the saddle. It’s so important to stress that Molly’s safety was in high regard at all times during this set-up. Her mum was right beside her, with hands on her. She was nestled snugly between the curves of the saddle, and mum’s hands moved no further than a couple of inches away, for a split second to capture the image.



I am looking forward to part 2 of this session, when Molly comes back with her older siblings (who were at school the day of her session), for some full family shots. I’m sure there will be some adorable and fun sibling poses. She is part such a special and unique family, and I can’t wait to create more memories for them.


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Pond’s by the pond – Family Portraits

Pond Family

So, recently I had the lovely Pond Family, come and visit my property for Family Portraits. I made sure that our pond (or dam, as we usually call it) featured in the back of some of their images! These children are full of life, love, laughter…and energy!! We had a great time, capturing smiles, tickles and general silliness 🙂 At the end of the session, we even went on an expedition to find the animals. Thankfully, our baby alpaca, Mini Maz, was feeling co-operative, and had an up-close-and-personal moment, with the 2 eldest kids. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!


If you wish to book your own Family Portraits, before Christmas (yes, dare I say it – “Christmas is coming!!”), please BOOK EARLY! I only have a few vacancies left between now and then. Get in touch here, and we can work it out!

Baby Violet by AF Photographer

Baby Violet. Of course I had to do a purple set up 🙂 Little sister of Vivienne (do you remember her adorable Sitter Session??). These girls will be best of friends. Only 16 months apart, I’m sure they will share amazing experiences together, growing up. I asked mum & dad what ‘V’ name they would call their next daughter, but as little Violet was only 4 days old during her session, they were pretty adamant that they were “2 and through”! I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Baby Harvey – Newborn Portraits



Here is little Harvey, with Optimus Prime. When his big brother came for his own Newborn Portraits, he was photographed with some Minecraft characters, so it’s only fitting that dad brought along another “toy” for this session. Hopefully the boys will have fun playing with these, when they are older, and perhaps they will even retain their collectible value! Either way, both brothers have some unique images of their first few weeks in the world. It’s great to see some of the special or meaningful things that clients bring for their sessions. I think my favourite has been the DJ turntable, that one dad used for work. And honorable mention to the dad that brought in a stilson! I had no idea what one of those was, ’till I photographed his baby girl with one (hop onto Goggle if you’re scratching your head like I was). You learn something new everyday!


Anyway, back to Harvey and his adorable big brother. Here they are looking lovely. William was one of the best behaved, 2 year old brothers, I have ever had in the studio. So gentle and cooperative and so proud of his new baby. He sat and played, quietly during the session, and enjoyed a walk outside to see all the animals.




Cheeky little smirk here




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Baby Ellysa – Newborn Portraits

Beautiful baby Ellysa, surprised her parents 5 weeks early! Which was good and bad for her session – unfortunately I was really sick when she came along, but thankfully she kept her newborn sleepiness for a few extra weeks, so we were able to reschedule her session until I was 100% and not going to pass on anything nasty. I’ve never been so sick for a session before, and I hope it never happens again! But I always try to prepare for the worst. If it is not possible to reschedule a session, I have a number of “backup photographers”, who can always shoot for me, if I’m unable to. So far I’ve not had to use this option, but obviously working with newborns, you can’t be too careful. I’m really grateful to Ellysa’s parents, who were completely understanding and very flexible with our session arrangements! And wasn’t she just a little gem, when she did come for her session 🙂

Baby Ellysa


Although, big brother Hayden nearly stole the show! Look at that adorable smile. He was so talkative, with hundreds of questions, and really loved his new little sister. We did some family and sibling shots first of all, then Hayden and his dad were able to go home, whilst mum and I finished off with shots of bub. I feel so blessed seeing the amount of love that a new baby brings to a family. Even though everyone usually sleep deprived and maybe can’t string words together, there is always so much love!! It’s such a special time. I love capturing these memories or families to treasure forever.



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Katerina & Ben – Maternity Portraits



It was a rainy afternoon last Saturday, when this lovely couple came for their Maternity Portraits. Towards the end of the session, we braved the weather and captured a couple of quick shots in the paddock. But not before some fun in the studio 🙂 I like to keep Maternity sessions fairly simple. Usually using a white or black background. I have some wraps and drapes to use,  plus a couple of maternity gowns to choose from. However, I also encourage clients to bring their own outfits they are comfortable in.




These first-time parents can’t wait to meet their little one soon. They don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl. My guess is it will be a girl, but I’m never right! You’d think I’d have some sort of professional insight into these things, but no, not really! So I’ll wait patiently to hear their news. Either way, this bub already has a few wonderful cousins to play with, who also can’t wait to meet him or her. Stay tuned for more images of their Newborn session, once bub has arrived!

Black & White


Maternity Portraits can be taken in the studio, or outdoors on the property. More recently though, I have had more requests to do a mixture of indoor and outdoor shots, which seems to work well. Outdoor sessions always work best in the late afternoon, usually around an hour and a half before sunset. This ensures the best lighting conditions, as the sun gets low in the sky (as long as it’s not raining!). Maternity sessions are best scheduled for around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy. It’s important to book ahead, to ensure availability at the right time for you. If you would like to book your maternity session, please contact Lee and myself, and we will be happy to discuss all the details with you.

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