Baby Jack – AF Photographer

Well, it’s been such a busy week here! I’ve been eagerly composing my entries, for the AIPP Epson NSW State Photographic Awards. I shipped them all off today, and have fingers crossed they will do well in judging next weekend! I also, as most of you know, received the good news that AF Photographer has been chosen as a finalist for the Local Business Awards. So, further judging for this, continues over the next few weeks, and category winners will be announced at the presentation evening, July 5.

In the meantime, I’m still trying to keep up with editing and sending galleries out to all my wonderful clients, who always wait so patiently to view their images 🙂 Here I have a sneak peek of gorgeous baby Jack. With 3 older sisters, I can only imagine what kind of mischief they will all get up, when Jack is a few years older. Jack was so content during his session. His sisters love him so much. I even chose Jack to feature in one of the award images, I sent off today. So, that particular image is top secret, until judging, but I will let you all know how he scores 🙂 But, for now, I hope you like this small selection.


Baby Jack


I’m so pleased, I am currently booking as far ahead as December! So, if you are expecting a little one, and are interested in Maternity and/or Newborn Portraits, please get in touch with Lee or Myself, and we can get you all the information you need.

Baby Lauren – Newborn Angel

I’m so pleased to share some images of baby Lauren with you…Pink

She is a miracle baby, a rainbow baby, much anticipated, wished for and loved. And she is super, dooper adorable!! We had a fabulous session when she was just 6 days old. With her protective and caring big brother and mum and dad.





I’m currently booking into July, this year. If you are “expecting” and would like to have your own Maternity or Newborn session, please contact me early. I’d love to work with you.

Baby Reid & His Brothers

3 beautiful boys, in this growing family! I hope they will be the best of friends, ride bikes, play sports and live life together. And most of all, look out for each other, always. It was so wonderful to have such caring, big brothers, to photograph in my studio.


Baby Reid did so well for his session, gave me lots of sleepy poses, as well as those gorgeous, big, gazing eyes, in some of the shots. Born at 4.25kg (Great job Mum!!!), I tried my best to preserve his, not so, teeny, tiny features, before he gets any bigger. He was happy to be curled and snuggled and rested in lots of different set ups & positions. We used natural colours and earthy tones, to match the colour scheme throughout Reid’s home. Hopefully some of these images will hang on the walls there, in the not too distant future.


Baby Reid


I’m now taking bookings for Newborn sessions in May and on wards. If you are expecting a little one, and would like to book your session, be sure to contact me in advance and get all the details taken care of.

Family Maternity by AF Photographer


Here is big brother, Leo…well he’s almost a big brother!! He is very excited to meet his new baby. I know this, because when I asked him if he was excited, he said “Yeah”. It doesn’t matter that this was his answer to every question I asked him, during the session, because it’s plain to see that he does already love his brother or sister, and is certainly very excited to meet him or her 🙂


For this session, we did some shots in the studio first, and then went out into the paddocks for the rest of the session. This is not always possible, as it is often quite dark in the studio, before the light has reached it’s best position for shots outside. But we gave it a try, and luckily it worked out well. We started in the studio, about an hour earlier than I usually would for an outdoor session. But thankfully, it was an overcast evening, so it didn’t matter that we were shooting outside a bit earlier than the optimum time. I love to photograph during the “golden hour”. The period of time right before sunset, when the sun is low in the sky, and everything has that beautiful, golden-orange glow about it. I know this can be such a difficult time of evening, when young kids are involved, but if you can bear with it, (and bring snacks!), the results are worth it! However, the benefit of having an overcast sky, is the delicate, even light that it produces. It’s makes for emotive and memorable images, at any time of the day!


Well, I certainly can’t wait for Leo to come back with his brand new baby, for their Newborn session, any day now 🙂 If you would like to book in for a Maternity & Newborn Package of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact me!




Here is a sneak peek of the twins I had in the studio recently! I learned so much during this session. Hats off to all parents of multiples out there! Working with 2 babies is certainly not the same as working with only 1. Especially for these guys, they already have 2 beautiful girls, now they have 2 more! Hopefully the older girls will prove to be wonderful helpers.

4 sisters


These gorgeous babies, played a great game of tag-team, during the session. When one was hungry, the other was sleepy, when the other was hungry the first one was awake, and so on and so on 🙂 Since this session, only just this week, I have learned a lot more tips and tricks for working with twins, especially if one is more awake than the other. So I am really looking forward to trying them out next time some twins come my way.

Twin Girls


If you would like to book a session of your own, for twins, or otherwise, please contact me today. I would be happy to answer your questions and provide you with further information.

Master Joel – Sitter Session

Joel & Mum

Following on from my post earlier this week, here I have a sneak peek to share from the Sitter Session I did last Friday. Handsome Master Joel. Joel proved why it is great, that I allow an hour for these sessions, and don’t try to cram them into 30 minutes. Although he’s visited our house before (as his brother is friends with my son, from school), Joel was feeling quite shy and clingy at the start of his session. We started with a couple of shots that included mum, then he and mum played together for a while. When Joel felt comfortable enough to explore the studio on his own, he went for a little wander around. He looked at the props, touched some interesting things, found more toys, and eventually came and played with them, in front of the camera, where I wanted him to be 🙂 So, after what was a bit of a slow start (and could have gone either way), we managed to get some great, happy shots, without mum – and some fun ones with her too.

Master Joel

If you would like to book your own session, you can contact me here, or phone 0414 459 059, or e-mail

Sitter Sessions – AF Photographer, Wilton

Happy Baby

Sitter Sessions are the latest session type that I offer in my studio, so I thought I would write a little bit about them, to give a better idea of what they involve. I started doing Sitter Sessions, because I love this age and stage of development in babies. They are so smiley, showing their own personality, proud of their new skill, being able to sit on their own, and generally, just lots of fun to be around! If you are thinking of capturing your bubs milestones, with professional photographs, then this is a great age to book in for.

Gallery Images

So, hopefully you have guessed that Sitter Sessions are designed for bubs that can sit up on their own, around 6-12 months of age. Sessions take place in my home studio, in Wilton, NSW, not far from Picton. The session itself takes about an hour, which gives enough time for shy babies to warm up to the studio surroundings in their own time. They can explore the different props, play with the toys, and start to feel comfortable, before they have a strange lady poking a big camera in their face (believe it or not, not all babies love my camera)!

Mini Album

Mini Album

During a Sitter Session, I will arrange 3-4 different set-ups for your little one to pose and play in, giving a wide variety of images in your personal gallery. You may bring your own outfits, if you wish, or choose from the collection I have available in the studio. Following the session, you will be able to view your fully edited images in a password protected gallery through my web-site. You will also receive all of the gallery images in a beautiful Mini Album, making a fabulous keep sake for years to come. These albums are wonderfully crafted and display your images in style.

Final Package

Final products following a Sitter Session, all packaged up and ready to be delivered.


If you would like to book a Sitter Session for your own precious baby, please contact me to arrange your spot, today. Ph 0414 459 059

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Summer in Summer – Newborn Portraits

Summer in Pink

Now, if you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I’ve been spamming my account, with pictures of this adorable gallery! Little, baby Summer, in my studio on the first day of Summer. She was a dream! Such a good subject for me 🙂 So sleepy. So content. Her parents are doing a wonderful job so far. They were sleep deprived, as most of my Newborn clients are! But they were very relaxed. I think they enjoyed the quiet time in the studio, while I was in charge of Summer during her shoot. (You know, I have a guest bed in the client room, at my studio, and Newborn parents are always welcome to take a nap during the session, if they want to! I’m not saying that’s what these guys did – I’m just saying.)Summer's Features


I’m now taking Newborn Bookings for March, 2017. If you are “expecting”, and would like to capture some memories of your little ones first few weeks, then please let me know as soon as possible. It is always best to book in advance, while you are still pregnant (but we don’t arrange the session time until bub has actually arrived).  0414 459 059

Proud Parents

Outdoor Portraits – Kmet Family

kmet family


I photographed an amazing family a couple of weeks ago. These guys were so down to earth and chilled out. Their session was relaxed, they had fun and we created some beautiful, playful images, even more candid than my usual style. It was so much fun to get to know them, and really capture them as themselves. Little Samuel is such a spirited, little man! So adventurous and playful. Full of energy. SO excited to meet the animals, but also cautious at the same time.

Family Images


I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek! To book your own Family Portrait Session, please e-mail me at, or give me a call 0414 459 059. I’m now taking bookings for February and March, 2017. Think about some updated memories as your New Year’s Resolution 🙂