Baby Costa – Newborn Portrait Session

Costa Nest


I was so pleased to photograph little, baby Costa recently. So loved by his big brother, who I was also privileged enough to photograph. I love seeing how my clients have grown and changed over the years, and always love to meet their brand new siblings. Costa was so precious, just 10 days old. He had a big feed just before the session, and was absolutely sleepy and ready to be wrapped and snuggled.


Costa and Family


Baby Costa

Chapman Family – outdoor portraits


Do you remember how last Saturday was Summer in the morning and Winter in the evening? Beautiful sunshine and warmth to begin with and cold, windy and cloudy by the afternoon? Well, that is when this poor family’s session was scheduled for – the cold, windy, cloudy evening part. We had been chatting throughout the afternoon, to discuss if we would postpone for hope of better weather. I had explained that the clouds were no issue, in terms of the session. The wind is perhaps, not much fun, and rain is certainly no good for anyone. The rain was holding out and my client had said “I just want a nice shot of the 4 of us.” I had thought we could certainly achieve this, under the current conditions, and as they were all dressed and prepared to come, we braved the elements and went ahead with the session. Thankfully the wind had dropped, so even though it was still cloudy, and a little chilly, it wasn’t as bad as we first thought. But, I’ll let you guys decide – have I achieved the brief, with a “nice shot” of the 4 of them??


These boys were just adorable. 3 year old Chase is an amazing, high-spirited child. I think the old saying applies here; “Chase by name, Chase by nature”! He was full of energy and ready to explore the world – well, my little portion of it anyway. He was in awe of all the animals, and they all came out to see this session, alpacas, goat, even the cat and hundreds of wild rabbits that are inhabiting our paddocks at this time of year. After I captured he fraction of a second that he sat with the family for, I followed him to his own world and grabbed these beautiful candid moments, as he discovered all the excitement around him.


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Kye’s Cake Smash!

One more quick, little sneak peek here, of Mr Kye. Such a handsome boy! He was so proper and polite at the start. He was eagerly eyeing off his cake, making a few grabs at it, while were still setting up for the session. However, as soon as it came time to smash his cake, he was a little overwhelmed, and didn’t actually know what he should do. So, he did what most kids that age do, when they don’t know what else to do – he cried 🙁 blogboard-1

Big sobbing tears down a sad face! Can you believe it? After flashing that gorgeous smile at the beginning, and then playing happily with his train. After all that fuss and excitement, he decided he’d really just sob in mum’s arms. But, all was not lost. We had still achieved a wonderful, memorable session, capturing a moment in time 🙂 I hope his family enjoys the gallery when they see the end result!

Nathaniel Cake Smash!

Ahh, a good old Cake Smash!! These sessions are sooooo much fun. If your child is having a birthday soon (and I have photographed Cake Smashes for kids up to 4 years old), I highly recommend this as an excellent keepsake, to remember the occasion. A Cake Smash session includes a mounted collage of 8 images, which you can use to collect signatures and well wishes from guests at the party or celebration event.



This is little Nathaniel. His first birthday is coming up soon. This is also when he will have his first hair cut! He has grown such lovely, thick locks in the past 12 months 🙂

Nathaniel was somewhat of a shy baby, and took a little bit of time to warm to me. This is fine, as there is always plenty of time, during a session for me to get to know the child a little bit, and for them to play in the studio, and settle into the surroundings a little, rather than just being confronted with a huge camera straight in their face! Kids this age can go either way, so it’s important that I do my best to make them feel comfortable and not freak them out 😛BlogBoard-1Aunty Eden came along with Nathaniel’s mum, to watch the session. She knew some great tricks to help him crack a smile. Once the cake was in front of him, he tasted cautiously, and gave that look I see commonly, of “am I really allowed to eat this, and make a mess??” He took the hint and ploughed in to the cake with hands and feet, greatly enjoying the sweet tasting, white chocolate gnash. YUMMYYY!! I was lucky he was willing to share a small piece with me too 😀


Jack & Family – in studio

The other day, little Jack was in my studio, with his family, for a Family Portrait session. Jack was 4 weeks old and such a good boy. He enjoyed cuddles with everyone, especially his big sister, Keeley. She has waited a long time for a brother or sister, and seems to be enjoying the change, so far 🙂 She also enjoys reading, and brought some books along to the studio with her. I think she may have been disappointed she spent more time being photographed than she did reading! But didn’t she do a wonderful job in front of the camera?


Jack had such an expressive face, even at such a young age. He showed me happy, sad, sneezing and cheeky! He wasn’t feeling very sleepy during the session, so I had plenty of time to capture some of his characteristic looks, which will no doubt reflect his personality, as he grows.


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Maternity Portraits – Wilton, NSW

Well, I have a sneak peek of this maternity session to post. I haven’t managed to blog for ages, but hopefully I will be posting more regularly from now on.



I was so excited for this session, my brother and sister-in-law, with my gorgeous niece, Aria. We were lucky to fit this in, before they became a family of 4, less than a week later. Aria was so excited to meet the baby, she was already in love with her little brother, even during this session, despite her mischievous look here!



It was such a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Completely still, with no ripples on the dam. It was like a giant mirror. Although, it was still very fresh, with a clear, crispness in the air, on a winters day. We didn’t stay too long outside. Just long enough to capture these special moments, during the session.


I hope you all enjoy viewing this sneak peek. If you would like to book your own outdoor Maternity or Family Portrait session, please contact me. Outdoor sessions work best in the late afternoon, when the sun is lower in the sky. Usually about an hour an a half before sunset, is the best time to start. I currently photograph on Mondays, Thursday & Fridays, plus Weekends, by arrangement.

Clarkstone Family Portraits

Here is sweet, little Caleb. He was in my studio recently for portraits with his family. Caleb was oh-so-serious! Intently staring at my camera and taking it all in. It didn’t take too long for him to warm up though, and flash some cheeky faces and smiles 🙂











Baby Elliot – Newborn Portraits



So this little one was in the studio recently, for her Newborn Portraits. She came with her big brother and sister, who I’m sure will be helping take very good care of her. They are both so excited to meet their baby sister! This is baby Ellie, short for Elliot. She had some beautiful handmade clothes that were made specially for her. Like the gorgeous cross-stitched outfit.







Extended Family Portraits – Wilton, NSW

I had a wonderful time, with this extended family, recently. The kids are full of energy, and everyone was full of fun! It was lovely to spend time with them and get to know them a little, plus it was such a privilege to capture a few moments to help celebrate a special birthday.

Floccos Swing Smiles

Everybody looking and smiling!!


Boys Cheese Walking

There were so many beautiful candid moments, during the session. The kids were able to relax, have fun, explore & play. They were also very well behaved for a couple of posed shots too 🙂