Kalarah’s Cake Smash! – Wilton, NSW



Happy Birthday to this gorgeous little one, who celebrated her first birthday recently, with a Cake Smash!! Such a beautiful, simple cake, with vibrant colours, to really make some wonderful fun. Her sister came along to witness the action, and also help out a little bit with the icing mess 🙂







I love this look, on a kid’s face, during their cake smash. They all do it, a point where they realise they are getting away with doing something they usually would be in trouble for. Often they are hesitant, but most of them just make the most of the rare opportunity for mess and sugar consumption.

BW Colour

I’m still happy to hear people’s thoughts on the BW version of images for these sessions. Part of me thinks they may be a waste of time, but most of you seem to be happy with the privilege of choice.


Baby Nellie – Newborn Session, NSW

Here is a sneak peek of a few images from Baby Nellie’s session. Nellie was born on April 14 and visited my studio, for her Newborn Portraits, at 9 days old. Nellie was a very happy bub, and born 4.1 kilos, she had adorable chubby cheeks!Nellie


FamilyI think this image needs a caption. Nellie looks so thrilled to pose for a shot with mum & dad!!

Baby Nellie


Tiny Toes

I am always a such a softie, for shots of the teeny, tiny, baby toes.

Nellie and her Elephants

Nellie with her Elephants!

Family Portraits by AF Photographer


Let me introduce you to this lovely family, Vanessa, Steve and little Harvey. I love it when my clients are dedicated enough to travel long distances for their sessions. But theses guys take the cake, coming all the way from the UK, just to have their family portraits taken in my studio!! While they are here, they have decided they will also catch up with some family and friends 😉

Gorgeous, little Harvey is only 5 months old. Considering he was still recovering from Jet Lag, he did exceptionally well during the session! It did take him a little while to warm up, but before long, Mr Serious became all smiles 😀 In the past, I have been lucky enough to photograph Harvey’s Sydney-side cousins, and it was wonderful to also photograph this adorable little guy. 5-8 months is such a great stage for photographs, especially when they can sit up on their own. They really have so much personality at this age, and are always so cheeky.

I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek and the rest of your time here in this wonderful country!
Cheek to cheekSmilingMum & Dad


Baby Heidi – Wilton Studio



Here are some of the images from little Heidi’s session. Heidi has a beautiful big sister, and a very handsome older brother. Her brother plays with my son at preschool, so I was super excited to meet baby Heidi, and so was my son, Ethan.

Unfortunately Heidi wasn’t so keen to meet me 🙁 She wasn’t very happy or comfortable during her session. We did everything we could to keep her settled. While she was very happy being wrapped up snugly, she quickly became upset when I moved her to a new set-up, or tried to unwrap her. Her Mum and I discussed the options, and decided Heidi might be best to come back in a few days time and see if she is feeling any better.

Face Snugly


Although this doesn’t happen very often with sessions, it is real, and does occur. If a baby is not happy, it is never my intention to continue with the session, at any cost. I always want parents to be relaxed and stress free. If a baby is not sleepy, or crying, or pees every 3 minutes, that’s OK! (And that’s why sessions take up to 3 hours) Every baby is different, and 98% of the time, we get there in the end, with a wonderful gallery of images. However, on the odd occasion that bub is clearly not willing or able to participate, we can certainly arrange a round 2.



When Heidi came back 2 days later, she had a really big feed before hand. I made the studio extra warm, with louder sleepy music. She managed to settle easily and was good as gold, for a short space of time. Long enough to capture the sleepy kind of images we were hoping for. Not long after her session, it was discovered that Heidi was struggling with reflux. So, thankfully, we can now understand what was upsetting her during the first session (and much of the time at home), and I do hope she is feeling much better now, with some medical help and advice.


Baby Emerson – Newborn Portraits

Green Bonnet

Baby Emerson. What a handsome man!! I was so excited to meet this little guy. I had photographed his big brother 3 times in the past, who is an absolute angel, and this cutie was no exception either. No tears, no fussing, just gorgeous little smiles and sleepy faces 🙂

Yellow Blue Smile Bear Beanie Mum

Family Portraits – Wilton, NSW

I have a sneak peek to share tonight, for this awesome family. This Family Portrait session, with the Basanovic family, was extra special, as Louise grew up here, on (now) my property. I was so excited to be able to share with her how I use the fabulous space, her parents created, to now create beautiful memories for my clients. It was wonderful to be able to photograph them in a space that was an important part of her childhood (and even the goat used to belong to her family!!)


Ashleigh the goat, loves a photo bomb!!



We had a great time, exploring different parts of the property and paddocks, to find new and fun spots to play for some photos. I think this little princess is so lucky to have 2 older brothers to look after her as she grows up 🙂 The boys enjoyed looking around, and rediscovering parts of the property they used to play at, when their grandparents lived here. They kept me on my toes (as do my own boys, the same ages!), and much preferred “Tickles” and “Funny Faces”, than “look this way and say Monkey’s”!!


Fun 2 1 Dads Boys

Dawkins Family Portraits – Wilton NSW

I have a few images to share of this wonderful family. I really enjoyed this session. It was different working with more grown-up children. These 3 sisters, and their cousin from New Zealand, are like “Besties”, says their mother. They were all stunning, and so much fun. Plus, they did what I said! No mucking around 😛 We were able to get a number of different combinations and set-ups during the session.


Cousins Cousins


The weather was beautiful, for outdoor portraits, on my property in Wilton. Among all this rain, there have still been some pretty spectacular evenings here, with amazing clouds and sunlight. I love photographing outdoor sessions, in the last bit of sunlight of an evening. The “Golden Hour”. I like to start sessions approximately an hour and a half before sunset.

By the Dam Family Cousins

Baby Charlotte – Newborn Session


Here is a little sneak peek, of some images from baby Charlotte’s Newborn Portrait Session. Charlotte traveled all the way from Nowra, to my studio in Wilton, NSW, for her special session. I was so sad to hear that Charlotte’s mum was not well, and couldn’t come along for the shoot. I think Charlotte’s dad (with a little help from her Nan too), was very brave coming all that way with his newborn. He did of fabulous job of taking care of her and Charlotte was absolutely wonderful for her photos. She hardly made a peep the entire time!

SmilePurple Sleeping With DadCheeky

More Props & Styling – Newborn Sessions

Wrap Storage


Props & Styling Your Newborn Photo Shoot – Part 2

– By Kim Miles


Have you read part one of this blog post yet? You can check it out here.

So you have your Newborn Portrait Session all booked in! Should you run out now and buy a cute newborn outfit, and matching hat or hair piece just for this session? That may not be totally necessary.

What props do you have available in the studio?

Look at this collection of different coloured, textured & styled wraps that Amanda always has available in her studio. There are so many different looks that can be achieved by layering a few different, yet complimentary colours and textures together, like the wraps &  flowers (picked fresh from the garden) to match baby Lily’s sweet, mint coloured outfit.

Lily in Flower Wreath


One of the benefits of utilising baby wraps, is that no special outfits are needed for your baby and the cosiness of wrapping helps them to settle in and feel snugly, like this little man.



Look at how well the tones complement one another in this picture of baby Amber and her big brothers & sister.  Using different neutral wraps on both of the girls Amanda was able to match to the colours of the boys’ shorts making for very easy outfit styling for this gorgeous family picture.

Famliy Lavender











Along with the collection of wraps, the studio of AF Photographer is well stocked with other finishing touches for a great photo composition, like this little headband, finishing off the look for sweet little Abigail, in many beautiful shades of lavender.

What other props do you have available?

Prop Shelf

Have a good look and choose your favourite props

There are many other choices for larger props to use when styling your photo shoot from large floor rugs, boxes, baskets, buckets, nests, a vintage baby carriage and even a mini four poster bed  and more that are all kept on hand in the studio.

Look at this fun set up of Ethan and his vintage plane.



Each prop adds more character and interest to the images and can be tailored to suit each unique family and their children.


Do I have to choose my own props?

With so much choice in props available in the studio, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or obligated to make a choice. Amanda is always there to help make suggestions and style each image set up for you, if you would prefer not to choose something particular.

Can I bring my own props?

Of course you can! You can always make specific choices or requests for scene set ups for your photo shoot, or bring along something special of your own to include – like sweet baby Tamara…and Stewart. Stewart is a special part of Tamara’s family. I’m sure he will take good care of her!


Tamara and Stewart


And sometimes the best prop of all is simply the beauty of nature and some sweet sisterly love! Did you know that the studio is located in Wilton, NSW, with plenty of natural acreage for some great photo backdrops!



Props & Styling – Newborn Sessions

I’m so pleased to have a guest blogger posting here today!!! My good friend, and new mummy, Kim Miles, has lent me her wonderful words and ideas to make this post happen 🙂 Hopefully Kim will become a regular blogger here. I hope you enjoy!


Props & Styling Your Newborn Photo Shoot- Part 1

Why use props at all?

Have you ever wondered why newborn photo shoots always have so many accessories or props? The simple reason is that these extra finishing touches are what makes each image unique and shows some of the personality of the baby or their family.


Vintage Style


Selecting the right props and colours can show the highlights in a baby’s colouring or bring out the magnificence of their eye colour. They can also set the tone for the look of the image. For example soft neutral tones paired with pearls can give an image a vintage feel. Where soft pastel pinks can create a very feminine image.

Pastel Pinks

Feminine Appeal


With all the different props and accessories out there how do I choose what to use in my photo shoot? What if I am overwhelmed with choices and can’t choose what I like most? When visiting the studio, Amanda has experience as a professional newborn stylist and can recommend different looks and props to try. This wooden crate was the perfect way for big brother Jamie to proudly (& safely) show off new baby Milla, while also adding some focal interest to the image.




Do I have to bring my own props?

Please feel free to bring along anything special that you may have – certain outfits, toys, or pieces from special hobbies like musical instruments or significant work uniforms (police hat, fire boots for example) however the studio is stocked with many choices of wraps, blankets, hair pieces and props. There are many different choices available for your photo shoot.


Baby Ngawai in her Korowai


What Props do you have available?

Find out in part two of this blog in coming days……..

Written by Kim Miles.

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