Baby Alessia – Newborn Portraits, Wilton NSW

Stunning Features

Look at these adorable, soft features! This is stunning baby Alessia, at 3 weeks old. What a gift. Such a gem. A sweet, tiny, little newborn bundle. She was so good for her session in the studio. Flashed me her big eyes, got tired and fell asleep 🙂 She was absolutely stunning with her beautiful mummy, so lucky to have such a pair in front of my camera. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.


Wide Eyes Alessia Pout Soft Hair Mum & Bub

Alessia’s mum picked my vintage pram to use as a prop for some shots. This is genuinely vintage, being my toy, for my dolls, when I was a kid. I’m so pleased my mum dug it out in a clean out recently, because it makes such an adorable accessory and prop in the studio.


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Baby Georgia – 3 month portraits

I photographed this beautiful girl with her family a couple of moths ago, and last week Georgia was back for some portraits of her own, at 3 months old. She was such a content little lady. Some serious faces for me, and some smiles as well. Hopefully these images will match nicely with the ones her brother had taken at the same age. I love 3 month portraits, it is a great age for photographs. So many smiles, plus babies have developed great neck strength and generally love tummy time shots! The next best age is around 6 months, once they can sit up on their own. This provides even greater variety for set-ups during a session.

Luckily, like little Mika, Georgia was also tired out by her solo modelling, and we also managed to get a couple of sleepy poses, to remember those precious times, when they sleep so much!! I know it doesn’t last long 😛 Mum was very pleased at the session, so I hope you like the result.

Georgia Happy SmilesGeorgia Pensive Georgia Elephant Cuddle Eyelashes

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4 Months – Little Mika

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting sweet little Mika, and her family, for a portrait session in my Wilton studio. Mika was 4 months old, and showed lots of smiles. Her mum was upset to have missed having photos taken when Mika was a newborn. Thankfully though, Mika was tired out towards the end of her session, and we were able to get a couple of sleepy poses of her aswell 🙂


Sleepy Mika Mika Family All Smiles Beautiful Mika Tiny Toes

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Quinn – Cake Smash!

Quinn will be turning 1 next month! Recently she came to my studio for her Cake Smash! This cute little bundle was right into the idea of the shots and gave lots of smiles while making not too much mess 🙂 You can come again, Quinn. I love it when my Newborn Clients come back for a Cake Smash! session (or any session, for that matter!) Tiny little Quinn as a baby, appears on my business cards, signs and flyers as well as my web-site. I love seeing how much she has grown and changed, and yet how she still has the same features of her tiny baby face.Before


Once Quinn had seen her cake, she was raring to get herself a piece of that! She was not at all pleased that we expected her to smile for photos without the cake in the first place 😛 She crawled towards the cake as soon as mum put her down, and looked at me as if to say ” you’re dreaming! Just give me the cake.” So we did.

Feels nice Faceplant


Quinn ate and ate as if she couldn’t believe she was getting away with it, and also worried we might take it away at any moment as well. It was adorable!! I have posted a video of the session here on my web-site. I love the way she keeps going back for more and more handfuls. This little girl is such a treasure and a real joy and blessing to her whole family. She has too big sisters and will grow up having so much fun with them and surrounded by love. Cake up high Delicious All clean

2 Responses to “Quinn – Cake Smash!”

  1. Liv

    Gorgeous! I can’t believe our baby is nearly 1! Thanks so much Amanda, the photos are amazing:)


    Keep on working, great job!

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Carritt Family – Portraits in Wilton

This was such a fabulous Family Session the other day. A Christmas gift voucher from Grandma last year, turned into these beautiful memories 🙂Table Group

Julia & Sean are such wonderful parents, their whole family was full of fun, energy and love, which was so obvious during the entire session, and present in all of their photographs. I loved the energy that flowed from these guys. The excitement of the kids, the smiles, the jokes. It was a whole lot of fun. They were all excited to see the animals as well, who made it into a couple of shots. And they even spotted some of the wild rabbits running around the place. These little bunnies sure move FAST! TicklesSmiles

I love this capture, such a cute little momoent between mum & bub! Both with adorable smiles.


Sister Brother


Damien had a visit from the tooth fairy recently 😀 My clients tell me the tooth fairy pays between $1 – $10 per tooth these days!! Certainly has inflated since I was a kid.


Siblings Wheel

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Couples Portraits – Ellena & Alan



This post is for my dear sister and her partner. She has only been waiting (patiently) for about 3 weeks to see any images from their session! Isn’t that the way it goes though…family members always get the terrible customer service, or “the cobbler’s daughter is always the worst-shod”.

Anyhow, I spent a wonderful afternoon with these 2, by the water at Sanctuary Point, where they live. I also had my two little monkeys to “help” – and I went home and left them for a sleepover with their cool Aunty & Uncle. It was an overcast afternoon, but there were some amazing cloud formations as the sun’s rays broke through in a few places. We found a couple of undiscovered (to them) locations, that they now also enjoy with their dogs. Do you think we should include the puppies in the next session, Ellena??  Thankfully the rain held off until the very last few minutes, so we were able to capture some magic memories 🙂 Like this one:

Crazy Faces


And, this one…



The boys have stayed with Aunty Elly for the past 2 school holidays now, and they always have a fabulous time! They go bowling, putt-putt, swimming, and always get lots of special treats. So, it was great to have them there to be involved in some shots. The also played happily in the sand, building castles and collecting shells, while Elly & Alan managed to get a couple of shots by themselves. I hope you guys like them!!!

Closeup Landscape Kiss Smiling Tickles


If you would like to book your own session, be sure to contact me. Sessions take place at my home studio, in Wilton, NSW, not far from Picton, or outdoors on my 5 acre property.

One Response to “Couples Portraits – Ellena & Alan”

  1. Elly

    Allen and I love the photos and can’t wait to see more. I already have ideas for prints and where I want to put them.

    I can’t wait for a second session and yes I would love to include our furbabies in the next one.
    Thanks sis lots of love Elly xx

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Lucinda Year 12 Formal – Picton, NSW

Whole Group


I recently had the opportunity to photograph something a little different for me, family portraits – with the eldest beautifully dressed, ready for her Year 12 Formal. It was a perfect afternoon for all the students of Picton High School, who had gathered at Picton Botanic Gardens. The sun was shining with a light breeze and the flowers were blooming in the gardens. A beautiful backdrop to have their photos taken by, before travelling in style to their evenings events at Panorama House, Bulli, NSW.



Lucinda looked stunning! She was wearing a gorgeous pink/apricot/salmon coloured gown (can you tell I’m not a fashion writer!), with intricate lace detail across the bodice, and a flowing tulle skirt. We met at her place, not far from the park, for some sibling shots, then enjoyed the afternoon weather as we strolled the pathway for photos with her whole family. The park was bustling with students, parents, teachers, siblings, friends and drivers of posh vehicles, all catching a glimpse and snapping a posed photo, selfie, or even flying a remote drone to capture the stunning outfits on display. Suits and dresses of all colours and designs! Long, short, hats, head wear, it was all there 🙂

After photos with parents, and numerous friends, the graduating students managed to gather together for a group shot, before making their way to the awaiting vehicles. Cadillac’s, Limo’s, even a huge truck, to carry them to their destination. Lucinda and her friends rode in an impressive looking, stretch Hummer. I can only imagine the fun that was had by all!





Best Friends


Stretch Hummer

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Luu Family – Studio & Outdoor Portraits in Wilton, NSW

Natalie arranged her Family Portrait session after receiving a Gift Voucher from her Brother-in-law (don’t you think purchasing a Gift Voucher is a fabulous gift idea??). They came to my Studio, near Picton, and we did a mixture of shots in studio, as well as outdoors, around my property.

Luu Family


I had such fun hanging out with these guys! Little Noah and Selena had such completely different personalities. Noah was all smiles from the very start, but, as with most kids his age, he began to tire of my camera being in his face towards the end of the session. He had such fun during the session, playing cars, having kisses and tickles, and seeing the animals. Selena, on the other hand, was such a shy and cautious, little sweetie. With kids around 3-4 years old, I always like to “introduce” them to my camera before they begin. I show them a picture of themselves on the screen, and ask them to help me press the button to take their own photograph. My aim is to make them feel more comfortable with the huge, bulky thing. It is obviously quite different from the iPhone camera, most kids are used to seeing these days. Selena was so sweet. She gingerly took a peek at the screen, then ran back to mum’s legs, looking almost worried that even if she thought to touch the button, she might break it 😛 She certainly warmed up throughout the session though, and showed me much of her absolutely beautiful smile! She also enjoyed looking at the chickens and alpacas. The animals were all happy to keep to themselves during this session, but the alpacas made sure they were seen in the background of some shots. 😀

Noah Smiles


Peek a boo


Luu Family


Noah & Selena


mum and dad

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Baby Remi – Wilton Newborn Photography

Last week I was so pleased to be able to photograph sweet little Remi, at 4 weeks old. Slightly older than most newborns I have in the studio, Remi didn’t sleep long in any of the poses, however, I’m quite happy with the results and I hope mum will be too! Remi was such a sweetie, and such a great size 🙂 I love bigger babies, maybe because my own boys were never teeny-tiny. Her cheeks were squishy and adorable, and her facial expressions during awake shots were amazing.

Remi Awake



Remi and her mum and nanna, came all the way from Padstow to see me in my studio in Wilton, NSW. I’m always so pleased when people are happy to travel a little way (or a long way!) to allow me to take their portraits. Especially with a newborn, as I know myself how hard it can be to get dressed, let alone get anywhere outside the house in the first few weeks. No matter where you’re from, it’s an easy drive to my studio, right near Picton, just 2 mins from the Picton Road exit of the Hume Highway.











Remi’s dad is a huge Bulldogs supporter, which I know a few of my followers can relate to. So, as a surprise for him, for Father’s Day, we took a special shot with the Bulldogs cap. I think the expression on her face could go either way! She’ll either be a super serious fan, like her dad, or slightly less impressed about the whole idea, like her mum 😛 What do you think?? This photo almost needs a caption to it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!



One Response to “Baby Remi – Wilton Newborn Photography”

  1. Anita Fursland

    “If you can’t fight, wear a big hat!” Leslie Douglas

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Baby Lily – Newborn Portraits by AF Photographer

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this adorable and sweet little girl, Lily, for her Newborn Portrait Session. She had a bit of a rough start to life, surprising her parents 6 weeks early. This was tough on her, as well as Mum and Dad, making her entrance with an emergency c-section. Weighing only 1.8 kg, she was tiny and spent some time in special care. However, she is proving to be feisty little fighter and was home and growing well when I was able to meet her at her place in Sutherland, NSW 🙂

However, she set the tone for our session straight away, when she “opened her bowels”, as they say, as SOON as I put her down in the first set up!! Cute as she is, she wasn’t really keen on having her photos taken. But, she persevered with me, and I did manage to get 1 or 2 absolutely adorable images for Mum and Dad to treasure.

Lily Eyes


We worked away in Lily’s lounge room, making the most of the beautiful natural light coming through the large glass doors. Although the space was small, we made it work, as Lily’s Mum & I juggled bub, backdrops and props during the session 🙂 Lily allowed me to play with some new ideas I had been imagining, including the flower wreath, below. As her Mum said, she stayed still “for a whole 4 seconds”, so I could take the shot. Several feed breaks gave me plenty of time to re-arrange the sets and try to keep my things from overflowing into the whole house. She was very co-operative that way.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Lily’s Newborn Photographs!

Lily in Flower Wreath



Lily in Purple



Lily Looking



Lily Asleep



Lily and Mum

Don’t kiss me, Mum, that’s embarrassing!!

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