Cake Smash! – Wilton, NSW

So, on Saturday, I was visited by a friendly, energetic and inquisitive little boy, to celebrate his 1st birthday, coming up next month, with a Cake Smash Session! The last time I photographed this little man, he was still inside mum’s tummy for her Maternity Portraits. It was wonderful to finally meet him and see what a beautiful soul he is growing into. His mum had made a superb effort with the Giggle & Hoot themed cake, making it all herself. She also came fully prepared with an adorable matching outfit. Blue and Orange are wonderful vibrant colours, providing great contrast throughout the session.Giggle & Hoot Cake

Treshane was certainly not shy about the cake, grabbing for the icing straight away! He smooshed it, tasted it, painted himself with it ( and some of the studio too 😛 ). We cut a slice of the cake, to see if would love that just as much, but it didn’t seem to be as interesting as the icing itself. He also enjoyed chasing the balloons, which of course, also became covered in icing. So, for a Cake Smash, he did very well in the mess department, which means some super cute pictures to remember the occasion. Some of these will be on display at his birthday party, as part of the wonderful Digital Story Board Collage, printed and mounted, giving guests the opportunity to write their birthday wishes around the frame.

Looking at Icing Ooh this is tasty Cute Outfit


Cake Smash sessions can be held in my studio, in Wilton, NSW. This is part of the Wollondilly Shire, not far from Picton. They can also be held outdoors on my 5 acre property, or at a location of your choice.

Bubbles Washing in the bath

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The Studio – AF Photographer Newborn Portraits

Parking Entrance Welcome Shooting Area Water Jug Couch Couch Reclined Wrap Storage Prop Shelf Canvas
Parking Entrance Welcome Shooting Area Water Jug Couch Couch Reclined Wrap Storage Prop Shelf Canvas

I’d like to give you a little tour of my studio, and talk a bit about the experience of coming here for a Newborn Portrait Session.

Seating Area

Make yourself comfy

When you arrive, you will see the signs, so you know you are in the right place, and they will show you the best place to park. I hope you will feel welcomed. As you come in, you are invited to make yourselves at home on the lounges. They are very versatile and comfortable 🙂 For Newborn Sessions, it will be very warm in the studio, so bub will be comfortable and snuggly. Help yourselves to water. Hot drinks are always available during feed breaks. There is a change table for your use, stocked with nappies, wipes, burp clothes and hopefully anything else you may need.

If you wish to change outfits or use the bathroom, the client room is available for you. Feel free to use the ensuite at anytime throughout the session, or even rest on the bed. New parents often take the opportunity to catch a few extra zzz’s! If older siblings are coming to the session, there are toys and books in here, in the bedside drawers, and plenty of space to play on the soft carpet.

Clients Room

Clients room for changing, resting and playing

During the session, feel free to look through the different baskets, blankets, props and wraps I have. If you see anything you particularly like, I will do my best to use it during the session. Throughout the studio, you will also see examples of my work and products I offer for sale, such as canvas prints, framed collages and birth announcement cards. Please ask me if you have any further questions about these.


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  1. Karna

    keep up the great work- so proud of you <3


      Thank you Karna!

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Recent Work – Maternity, Newborn & Family Portraits


Since attending The Baby Summit, 2 weekends ago, I have been challenged to try new things within my business. One of these has found me playing with image slideshows. I don’t want to give away too much at this stage, as I have lots of ideas cooking in the pot…or something like that, but I am very excited to use image slideshows more and more in my marketing and presentation of my images, very soon. However, I would like to share this slideshow with you, and I hope you like it. I have spent some time this week updating my portfolio pages on this web-site, and I have used my latest work to put this short video together. The slideshow contains images from Maternity, Newborn & Family Portrait sessions, as well as the always fun Cake Smash! So, enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!



I like to think my Newborn style is delicate, yet modern, with a either a splash or a pop of colour! I have been inspired by Kelly Brown, Erin Hoskins, and most recently Luisa Dunn. I love to capture macro images, to show off their tiny features, fingers, toes, lips, eyelashes. They are all so beautiful. I always encourage parents and siblings to be involved in Newborn sessions, as this is such a precious and fleeting time. For me, Family portrait sessions are relaxed and playful. I love to create expressions, and record beautiful, special “moments”, frozen in time. Working with kids, I do my best to get to know them, quickly, and give them the opportunity to have some fun during the session…sometimes even take a few photos themselves 🙂

I hope to use this blog over time, to share little bits about me, my work, my studio and my passion. Enjoy!

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  1. Liv Bemrose

    Gorgeous Amanda!!! LOVE that it features Quinn!


      Thanks Liv!! I love having gorgeous models like Quinn to feature 🙂

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The Baby Summit – Maternity, Birth, Newborn & Baby Photography Event

Gathered for Session

A group of Newborn Photographers, attending The Baby Summit, gathered at sunrise to watch Anya Ponti create beautiful family portraits.


I have just spent 3 and a half wonderful days in Tweed Heads NSW, learning as much as I can about Maternity, Newborn & Baby Photography! The Baby Summit was a fabulous, inaugural event, filled with all things baby. Hosted by the wonderful Kelly Brown, teaching came from brilliant photographers from all around the world, including Sue Bryce, Erin Hoskins, Luisa Dunn and Anya Ponti. We also learnt from key business contacts such as accountants, lawyers, IT gurus as well as a Neonatal Physiotherapist, speaking about newborn development and safety.

I arrived at the social “Welcome BBQ” on Friday evening, knowing no-one, and looking slightly daunted. Within minutes, another photographer, looking almost as daunted as me, caught my eye and we started chatting. She told me there were free drink vouchers and to “go and get them, then come back and stand with me” 🙂 I knew right then it would be a fabulous weekend with a marvelous opportunity to start new friendships.

Arriving the 1st morning, the atmosphere was buzzing, people were excited, friendly, welcoming and chatty. By the end of the day I had met so many new photographers! I had dinner with people from the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and even all the way from Dubai. The 2nd morning, I felt warm and fuzzy to receive a message from a new friend saying she’d saved me a seat “2nd row in the middle”.

The sessions over the weekend were of a world class standard. I have taken away a lot of information surrounding the business side of things, such as legal advice about contracts, insurance, and copyright. Technical information about websites, Google and the encouragement to start this blog (thanks to Garrett Hollis). I picked up some amazing, time-saving Photoshop tips from Michelle Kenna, and have been inspired by Luisa Dunn’s wonderful use of colour in her images.

Other memorable events to mention are the earth quake, which we felt at 1:40pm, Saturday! The whole building shook, back and forth. I was reminded straight away of the sensation of the earth quake machine at Questacon in ACT, I had experienced as a kid. Also, the fabulous Cocktail Party held on Sunday evening. The atmosphere, food drinks, entertainment and company were simply brilliant.

I am feeling refreshed, energised, motivated and inspired. Looking forward to a successful year ahead and next year’s Baby Summit!


Anya at Sunrise

Watching Anya Ponti in action as the sun breaks the horizon.


Beach Moonrise

Learning as the moon goes down and the sun comes up.


Anya working with Sarah

Anya Ponti capturing the natral emotion of this moment, during golden hour, at Coolangatta.

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