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Props & Styling – Newborn Sessions

I’m so pleased to have a guest blogger posting here today!!! My good friend, and new mummy, Kim Miles, has lent me her wonderful words and ideas to make this post happen 🙂 Hopefully Kim will become a regular blogger here. I hope you enjoy!


Props & Styling Your Newborn Photo Shoot- Part 1

Why use props at all?

Have you ever wondered why newborn photo shoots always have so many accessories or props? The simple reason is that these extra finishing touches are what makes each image unique and shows some of the personality of the baby or their family.


Vintage Style


Selecting the right props and colours can show the highlights in a baby’s colouring or bring out the magnificence of their eye colour. They can also set the tone for the look of the image. For example soft neutral tones paired with pearls can give an image a vintage feel. Where soft pastel pinks can create a very feminine image.

Pastel Pinks

Feminine Appeal


With all the different props and accessories out there how do I choose what to use in my photo shoot? What if I am overwhelmed with choices and can’t choose what I like most? When visiting the studio, Amanda has experience as a professional newborn stylist and can recommend different looks and props to try. This wooden crate was the perfect way for big brother Jamie to proudly (& safely) show off new baby Milla, while also adding some focal interest to the image.




Do I have to bring my own props?

Please feel free to bring along anything special that you may have – certain outfits, toys, or pieces from special hobbies like musical instruments or significant work uniforms (police hat, fire boots for example) however the studio is stocked with many choices of wraps, blankets, hair pieces and props. There are many different choices available for your photo shoot.


Baby Ngawai in her Korowai


What Props do you have available?

Find out in part two of this blog in coming days……..

Written by Kim Miles.

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