Quinn – Cake Smash!

Quinn will be turning 1 next month! Recently she came to my studioย for her Cake Smash! This cute little bundle was right into the idea of the shots and gave lots of smiles while making not too much mess ๐Ÿ™‚ You can come again, Quinn. I love it when my Newborn Clients come back for a Cake Smash! session (or any session, for that matter!) Tiny little Quinn as a baby, appears on my business cards, signs and flyers as well as my web-site. I love seeing how much she has grown and changed, and yet how she still has the same features of her tiny baby face.Before


Once Quinn had seen her cake, she was raring to get herself a piece of that! She was not at all pleased that we expected her to smile for photos without the cake in the first place ๐Ÿ˜› She crawled towards the cake as soon as mum put her down, and looked at me as if to say ” you’re dreaming! Just give me the cake.” So we did.

Feels nice Faceplant


Quinn ate and ate as if she couldn’t believe she was getting away with it, and also worried we might take it away at any moment as well. It was adorable!! I have posted a video of the session here on my web-site. I love the way she keeps going back for more and more handfuls. This little girl is such a treasure and a real joy and blessing to her whole family. She has too big sisters and will grow up having so much fun with them and surrounded by love.ย Cake up high Delicious All clean

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  1. Liv

    Gorgeous! I can’t believe our baby is nearly 1! Thanks so much Amanda, the photos are amazing:)

  2. linkedin.com

    Keep on working, great job!

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