Twins Christening – Mia & Savannah

Do you remember twins Mia & Savannah, from their recent Newborn session? Well I was also lucky enough to photograph their Christening! Same place, same time (of day) as the Christening of their older sister, Keira, just a year or so earlier. Such a delightful family!


This Christening happened to be the minister’s last service at Tahmoor Anglican church, as he has now moved on to another church. This was a beautiful service to finish up with. Very noisy (mainly thanks to the twins), but beautiful, none the less! In their usual style (to tell them apart), the twins wore elegant, matching pink and purple dresses. Mia in pink, and Savannah in purple – or is it the other way around?? Big sister Keira, wore a lovely floral number, to compliment both of them.


I especially like this sequence of images, with fabulous facial expressions from both Godmother and the minister. Just precious! Judging by the sound she made at this point, but was not so thrilled to be drizzled with water.


Between the twins newborn session and the Christening, this family went on a caravan trip to the Northern Territory for 4 weeks, with 3 kids under 3 years – the twins were literally only 4 weeks old!! Mum, Alison has even created a blog about their travels which you can check out here And after being home just 4 days (when they had the christening), they packed up again and went to Queensland to tag along for Dad, Cameron’s, work!! My hats are off to you guys, that is a stellar effort, and I hope you are all having a great time in QLD.

All the best for the future to you lovely girls, and for your whole adventurous and wonderful family.

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