van Tol Family Portraits


Today I’m sharing a few more shots from this family portrait session! I mentioned on Facebook, I have had the privilege of photographing these gorgeous girls for the past 4 years. It’s so wonderful to see them grow into beautiful, young ladies. And it’s even more wonderful that their parents wanted to be part of the session this time around as well! As parents, we are never in the photos enough – me especially! Our kids will have so many photos of themselves, when they grow up, but not enough to remember us by. In 2019, be sure to make the time to exist in images! How long has it been since you had some family portraits taken? 12 months? 18? 2 years or more?? Don’t wait for “tomorrow”, or “when I loose weight”, or “when things settle down”. Capture the journey you are on right now! #liferightnow